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Daniel Pickering Daniel Pickering
Dan is one of the founders of Annix Studios & the MD. He has a background in Engineering & Animation. He spent a number of years working in Visual FX & Consulting CGI for Film & TV before turning his hand to Producing… so far so good! Dan created and produced both "Scragg n Bones" & "Little Charley Bear". His hobbies include Food, Travel, Cinema & Cars, as you would know if you met him, with his keen use of car analogies!
Stuart Galloway pic Stuart Galloway
Stuart is one of the founders and Directors of Annix Studios. His background is mainly in Lighting & Visual Effects. His career spans some 33 years, working on high end feature films & TV from Superman to Corpse Bride. Stuart applied his cinematographic eye to Scragg n Bones and currently oversees the lighting on Little Charley Bear as well as Line Producing. His hobbies include Writing, Cinema, Whisky & Golf… usually after and not before!
Antony 'H' Haylock Antony 'H' Haylock
'H' is the Creative Director of Annix Studios and one of the four founding members. His various skill sets have lead him to become a unique Designer, as an artist he is able to wield a brush with surprising results, earning him many commissions, although you wouldn’t think it to look at him!
H’s creative skills can be seen at work in the design of “Scragg n Bones” and “Little Charley Bear” giving them both their own bespoke style. Outside of work he’ll be either kitesurfing, hot rodding in his 1932 Ford Roadster or looking for his next hat purchase!

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